How To Wrap Plushies

How To Wrap Plushies

While giving presents is a lot of fun, wrapping unusual shaped items like plush toys may be a hassle. It may seem as though you have no other options if you don't have any gift bags on hand for your new teddy bear.

Thankfully, there are many different ways to wrap a stuffed animal so that it appears less lumpy and more like a pleasant, enjoyable gift that any youngster will like. It's all about finding the perfect gift wrapping method and being patient while you try and get it right.

Keep reading to find a few different ways to wrap plushies and stuffed animals, as well as general gift wrapping tips.

Using A Gift Bag and Tissue Paper

One of the simplest methods for wrapping a plush animal is to use gift bags. Making your own DIY gift bag, as opposed to simply purchasing one from your neighbourhood department shop, will, nevertheless, add a more personalised touch.

We advise purchasing wrapping paper with the colour or pattern of your intended recipient's favourite pal. To discover how to transform a straightforward gift wrap into a DIY bag, check out lessons on YouTube. Properly measure the cuddly toy and the wrapping paper, lay them both out, get your scissors, and cut, fold, and tape.

Using Wrapping Paper For A Stuffed Toy

Trying to wrap a lumpy stuffed animal with wrapping paper can be a bit of a pain, but if you take your time and follow these steps, you should have no problems at all. The paper should be folded after you place the stuffed animal in the centre and gather the paper's edges. The paper can be folded or tape-locked accordion-style until it extends all the way past the toy's head area. Once you've tied it with a ribbon, you're done! This method also works with table cloth or cellophane wrap, although cellophane wrap is transparent, and a tablecloth is rather large.

Gift Wrapping Tootsie-Roll Style

Cuddly toys with an awkward shape or protruding arms and legs are ideal for this tootsie roll technique. Grab a piece of paper, then wrap the toy's arms or legs around it. A layer of tissue paper should be added.

Roll the gift wrapping paper over like a candy, starting at the edge where the plush animals are placed. The paper should be gathered at both ends and tied together with ribbons. To make the roll more appealing, fluff the ends!

Using A Box

If you have too much trouble wrapping a stuffed animal without a box, then feel free to put the toy inside of a box to make it easier to gift-wrap. You can use any box as long as it is intact and has enough space to fit the stuffed toy in question.

Once the toy is inside the box, secure the outside of the box with sticky tape, and place it on a sheet of wrapping paper to measure. Make sure to leave enough paper to completely wrap the present — you can always cut off excess material later.

Fold the paper along the box lengthwise, making sure to firmly crease the paper at the edges of the box. Secure the paper with sticky tape and carefully fold the open sides down before taping them closed as well.

Using A Basket

Simply purchase a lovely basket so you can creatively arrange the soft toys you're about to offer. You can choose any type of basket you want, but a nice woven basket with accents that match the toy is often your best bet.

Put a big ribbon bow on it or simply wrap a string of ribbons around the base of the basket. You can also wrap it in coloured paper if it has a handle. It pays to get creative when using this method — try some extra bows, coloured tissue paper, and other things to make it really shine.

Bouquet Style

Collapse some wrapping paper on a table or flat surface (we suggest colourful wrapping paper). Then stack the plush toy like you would a bouquet of flowers.

However, this method works better with at least four to five stuffed animals. Once they're all in place, the bottom section of the paper should be gathered, folded or twisted, and tied with a wide ribbon. If you think it will make the gift cuter, you are welcome to add fresh flowers to the arrangement.

Using Tin Cans

For a little plush toy, a tin can works well because the toy will undoubtedly fit inside. To make it, simply fold a few layers of tissue paper into the tin can, insert the toy, and finish it off with a ribbon. No drama; it's basic and easy. Probably the greatest choice for those who adore a minimalist look.