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Cozying up in bed or on the sofa after a long day at work is one of the best ways to unwind and relax. Sometimes, it's with a good book, a bingeable tv show, a puzzle, or a nice glass a wine. Another great addition to your relaxation routine is a plush blanket. These incredibly soft blankets are not only warm and cozy, but they come in a variety of designs, so you can find just what you're looking for.

Our Catalogue of Plush Blankets

At Wicket Stuff, we wholeheartedly believe that a plush blanket can be the perfect item for everyone, both young and old. These thick and fluffy blankets that are designed specifically for warmth and comfort are perfect to snuggle up to in bed after a hard day.

Our collection of blankets features a variety of designs to choose from, meaning that you will find something for everyone!

Sports Team Designs

Want to have a great sleep with the best plush blankets while also supporting your favourite sports team? Our collection includes plush blankets with several team logos including the Toronto Raptors, Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Redwings, Calgary Flames, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Montreal Canadiens. Wherever your loyalty lies, be sure to check out what's in stock and find your perfect plush blanket.

Other Plush Designs

If sports aren't your thing, you may be interested in the other soft blanket designs that we have available online and in store. Our animal blankets feature beautiful images of wolves, polar bears, grizzly bears, and moose. We also have a collection of designs that include Mother Earth and NativePrincess.

How to Care for a Plush Blanket?

Because plush blankets have a sherpa side that is designed to be soft to the touch, they need to be cared for properly in order to maintain their softness. The temperature settings, machine wash size, and routine should be followed in order to get the most out of your sherpa blanket.

For best results, we recommend washing your plush blanket by itself with cold water and on the gentle cycle. Throwing it in with other pieces of clothing runs the risk of the blanket turning firm. If you want extra softness, you can add some fabric softeners in with the load.

Once it has finished in the machine, we recommend letting the blanket air dry. If you are in a rush and want to use the dryer, be sure to use tumble dry at a low temperature. High temperatures can hurt fleece blankets, a weighted blanket, and your new cozy plush blanket. Once it's dry, it's ready to go on your bed, couch, or room to snuggle up with.

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We ship across Canada and we are constantly striving to make every customer's experience great! If you have any questions about our products or policies, check out our FAQ page.

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