EXIT: Board game

You and your friends can experience the thrill of being locked automatically in a room and working together to find a way out! In less than an hour, you'll have to solve a series of puzzles to unlock the door. Escape rooms are an increasingly popular macabre game, and now, you can even play an escape room in a box in the comfort of your home!

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Explore our vast and exciting selection of Escape Room Board Games! Whether you're looking for an adventure into fantasy, mystery, horror, or a grisly crime scene, you'll find something sure to challenge and thrill you. The perfect way to treat yourself or surprise a loved one - there's something to satisfy everyone!

Exit: An Escape Room Game

Exit: The Game is a high stake escape room game. Players are trapped in an imaginary room and they must escape using only their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Players are tasked to solve riddles and crack codes before the clock runs out. It's fast, fun, and perfect for everyone.

Exit: The Game is rated out of a difficulty level of 1 to 5, 5 being the hardest. It is best played with 1 to 6 people aged 12 and over.

First Release

The Abandoned Cabin was the inaugural Exit game released, marking the beginning of a thrilling escape-room series.

After your car breaks, you discover an abandoned cabin in the woods near the road and take shelter for the night. Unfortunately, the following day the entrance is sealed shut with iron bars on the windows, trapping you inside. Do you have the courage to solve the puzzles hidden in the dark depths of the Abandoned Cabin and make your escape? Will you unravel the mysteries left behind by the cabin's previous occupant and find the way out?

Fun For The Entire Family

Exit: The Game is perfect for your next family night. Both parents and kids will love the suspense of having to race against the clock to answer puzzles and discover a way out of the imaginary space.

Escape Room Games aim to provide exciting and sometimes spine-tingling real-life experiences, while Unlock offers participants a chance to explore fantastical, impossible-to-find-in-reality settings. Both provide a unique, thrilling game experience, just in different ways.

Solve The Riddles LefT Before Time Runs Out

The clock is ticking! You need to use your creativity and critical thinking skills to find answers to the puzzles and clues hidden around the imaginary space. It'll take teamwork and cooperation to escape the space before the clock runs out.

Playing Exit is the perfect way to improve your critical thinking and teamwork skills while having fun at the same time!

A Series of Escape Room Games

There are many escape room games for you to choose from, including The Secret Lab, Dead Man on the Orient Express, The Haunted Roller Coaster, The Polar Station, The Forgotten Island, The Sinister Mansion, The Forbidden Castle, and more. Each game has an exciting classic tale. Each game is more exciting than the last! Shop our online store today!

The Secret Lab

After volunteering for a medical research study, you report to the lab to find it is empty. When a strange gas rises from a test tube, something goes terribly wrong. You black out and awake alone in another lab only to find the door is locked. You must find a way out with what you have: your mind, the materials in the lab, and a strange disk.

The Mysterious Museum

On a trip to the Florence Natural History Museum, your goal of seeing the sunken treasure of Santa Maria is derailed by an incredible adventure. Using only the game materials and your problem-solving skills, you need to find a way out of the museum before the clock runs out.

The Sunken Treasure

Setting out on a treacherous quest for the fabled fortune of Santa Maria, you bravely embark into dangerous waters. But when you investigate a peculiar shipwreck, disaster strikes, and you find yourself trapped deep underwater! Now you must use your wits and solve the puzzles of the wreck to save yourself and recover the legendary treasure before time runs out.

The Catacombs of Horror

Delve into the depths of the mysterious catacombs beneath the city of Paris with a double-sized EXIT game. After a friend's mysterious disappearance, you and your team must traverse this underground labyrinth in search of answers. With your wits, courage and teamwork, explore the puzzles and secrets of the underworld. Will you be able to find your friend and break free from the darkness of the catacombs?

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