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Escape room board games are more than just games; it is an exciting and challenging experience that the whole family and a circle of friends can partake in as you work together. At Wicked Stuff, you can find the newest and most popular escape room-style games. Our escape room board games have tons of interactive pieces and puzzles that match the engaging escape room experience in the amenity of your place. They are sure to be a winner around the table!

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Escape Room the Game

In the past few years, in-person escape room simulators have been gaining popularity. With a group of friends, your co-workers, or family members, you would work together to solve puzzles and riddles, find hidden clues, complete tasks, and escape the room with the right answers before your time runs out.

As the simulator grew in popularity across the world, card games of the same nature have started popping up, the most popular being Escape Room the Game.

This game takes the thrill and main objectives of an escape room simulator and puts it in a game form. Just like many escape rooms, this game keeps you "locked" into a room with a certain time limit and a list of tasks that include solving puzzles and cracking codes before the clock runs out.

Enjoy The Mystery Of An Escape Room From Your Own Home

In Escape Room the Game, your main goal is to stop the chrono decoder and escape the room in time. Throughout the game, you will have to find clues, solve all the riddles, and find the correct magic word in order to finish the game. Because you work as a team, you will win or lose the games together. As you play, the electronic chrono decoder counts down the time and emits a noise that not only increases the tension of the game, but also helps create an atmosphere for the players.

4 Ways to Play

Inside the box, there are 4 unique escape rooms that each create a whole new experience for the players but with the same base game: finish in time to win! The 4 versions include Prison Break, Virus, Nuclear Countdown, and Temple of the Aztec.

This challenging and unpredictable game is a great Christmas gift for a puzzle lover and the perfect date with your loved ones. Experience the ultimate challenge that is both fun and intense. If you're ever stuck during the game, you can slide a hint card into the hint decoder for a nudge in the right direction. Be careful, though. Using a hint will take one whole minute off your time.

Even if you've never played an Escape Room before, you are guaranteed to have fun and be on the edge of your seat throughout this escape game.

Want More Escape Rooms?

If four games aren't enough, or you're looking for something with a different difficulty level, be sure to check out the other Escape Room the Game versions we offer at Wicked Stuff.

Other versions of the popular mystery game include:

- Virtual Reality
- Family Edition
- Puzzle Adventures

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