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About Us
Wicked Stuff - About Us

What is Wicked Stuff?
Wicked Stuff is a locally owned business in Northern Ontario that was first established in 1992. Through the many years, the store has been a source of amazing, diverse products for so many locals to enjoy! As gift and novelty store, being locally owned and operated was a true gift to all the customers, they always knew that the products were quality and handled with care. Even decades after it's initial creation, we still make it our objective to deliver that same quality and experience to our customers.

After being acquired by our current owner, Shawn Stack, in 2008 (personal story below), the brick and mortar store in Northern Ontario, in the small town of Timmins, continues to carry items that can be enjoyable for all ages, from 5 years old to 1000 years old. Although the ownership has changed during the years and although the business has expanded both in size and now, going into the online world, our values haven't changed. We still work to deliver quality products for great prices and work to get our customers their merchandise, fast.

All our staff and customers are treated as family, we always love to promote a fun and healthy atmosphere in our store. We pride ourselves on our customer service, always being ready to help. We still like to bring the quality of service that made the store notable in the 90s with the locals, even with our online customers! 

As we move forward, Wicked Stuff isn't slowing down and we hope to bring more wickedly cool stuff to our store and our website.

A little about the owner...
Our current owner is Shawn Stack, a business man, dog lover, sports fan and family man. Born and raised in Timmins, Ontario, he always makes it his goal to give his 100% in everything he does.
Wicked Stuff was purchased by Shawn Stack in 2008 who took up the reigns from a retiring couple who wanted their legacy to live on.

When Shawn isn't trying to manage 3 rambunctious boys, he's finding great ways to make Wicked Stuff the best it can be.
From finding ways to improve customer experience, to finding the latest trends, to always looking to bring the best prices to customers, he's always working to improve. 

Still working day to day in the store, he always likes to be hands on, from training staff, to stocking products, he still loves to be involved - who says an owner can't do some work? He's of course ready to keep expanding and is looking forward to the future!