Cards Against Humanity

Use your critical thinking skills to match question cards with hilarious answers. There are an endless number of possible combinations! Shop Cards Against Humanity games now!

Shop Cards Against Humanity Games

Wicked Stuff is proud to sell a wide variety of Cards Against Humanity games! You can find everything you need to have, including the main game and wacky expansion packs.

The Party Game For Horrible People

Cards Against Humanity is one of the best games to play with other members of the human race. It's simple, funny, and allows you to use your better dark comedy skills to make somewhat funny jokes. We wouldn't necessarily recommend playing it over family dinner, but we do have a family edition that's safe for the kids if you want to.

Add More Awesomeness To The Main Game

We know that playing the same card game over and over again can get boring (Hi, solitaire). If you want to replace outdated jokes, purchase an expansion pack. The booster packs offer even more outrageous question and description cards to add to actual gameplay.

There's the Red Box, Blue Box, and Green Box available. The Absurd Box will add many absurd cards that tickle your twisted sense of humour. The Canadian Edition will be a good purchase for anyone passionate about maple syrup, hockey, and laughing so hard you forget you live in Canada.

The Sensible Game Rules

A player, fondly known as the "Card Czar," pulls a black card and reads the question aloud each round. The other players need to sort through their white cards to find the answer they think is the funniest. They anonymously submit their answers, and the round leader reads the playing cards aloud. The one that they feel is the best wins awesome points!

The sensible rules are solid rules to follow, but if you feel like your free will is crushed by overarching authority and rigidity, you can choose to follow the unsensible rules.

The Totally Unsensible Rules

Are you a rule breaker? Are you tired of following the official rules of the game? Well, Cards Against Humanity has come up with preposterous alternate rules (that are still official) to allow you to have more fun. You may still have the suffocating feeling of being told what to do, but hopefully, you can ignore it by having so much fun.

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