CATAN Board game

Bring an ingenious and strategic board game to those family & friends' game nights. Players are new settlers to the recently populated island of Catan. Catan is one of the most iconic board games ever. It is about gathering and trading resources to construct roads, new settlements, and cities to gain victory points. Clear rules and thrilling strategy options are incorporated to make this clever game a smash hit on every occasion. 

Whether you're looking for the classic version or a provocative expansion pack, we have a wide selection of Settlers of Catan board games. Be sure to choose the best plan to have your small island town expand into a thriving city. Explore the list to find your new favourite recreation today!

Catan Board Game

Hosting a games night has become a popular way to catch up with friends and family while partaking in hilarious or strategic board and card games.
One of the most popular board games of all time is easily Catan (formerly the Settlers of Catan). This social game requires players to use strategy and trading skills to become the dominant player on the board while creating settlements, roads, and cities.

Playing Catan:

The Basics

Game play involves players building up their settlements by trading resources, which are depicted on resource cards, with the other players. Each land type, except the unproductive desert, will produce a specific resource card that can be used throughout the adventure. For example, hills produce brick, forests produce wood, mountains produce ore, fields produce wheat, and so on.

Acquiring resources will allow you to trade these resources with the other players and help you build settlements. You will also want to buy development cards that will help you throughout your journey to victory. It is also important to note that cities produce twice as many resources as settlements. Resource production and trade are some of the main objectives, and clever trading is one of the main strategies among experienced players.

Taking A Turn

Starting a new game takes a bit of board set up. Once the Catan game board has been set up with the appropriate settlements, game pieces, and tiles, players can begin taking their turns rolling the die. Everyone begins with two settlements and roads which are placed on the intersections and borders of the resource tiles. A turn allows a player to possibly play a development card, collect resources based on your roll, trade resource cards, etc.

Winning The Game: Victory Points

Winning the modern classic involves building the most settlements and roads, having the largest army, building the largest road, and gathering specific development cards that gain you victory points. A victory point is the key to winning the game. When a player reaches 10 points, they win the game.

While there is a learning curve to Catan and understanding the game rules,
after your first game, you'll be hooked!

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