Diamond Dotz

A relaxing afternoon often consists of things like a cup of warm tea, a good book, or an episode of your favourite comfort TV show. Recently, many people have been taking up some more artsy hobbies as a form of relaxation and bringing out their more creative side. One of these activities includes Diamond Dotz.


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What are Diamond Dotz?

Diamond Dotz is a diamond painting kit that is like paint by numbers except with a stylus pen and some little dots. A customer will purchase one of the various diamond dotz kits and they will receive all the materials and supplies they need to create a stunning picture.

What is Included in the Kit?

The kit includes pre-sorted sparkly diamond dotz, a fabric canvas, craft tray, stylus and wax pot. The included instructions guide users through the creative process. The diamonds have a flat back so that they can lay nicely on the canvas when applied with the stylus.

Each design consists of a gridded pattern in which the squares represent space on the Dotz grid fabric or where you will place your gems. The symbols in the colour key indicate the gem colours that should be used for the corresponding squares on the chart.

Fill in the entire piece of diamond dotz and the stunning image will come together.

Perfect For All Occasions

These fun projects are perfect for all ages and for every occasion. Whether you need a wedding or birthday gift, a relaxing hobby for yourself, or something to display around the holidays, there's a Diamond Dotz kit ready at anytime and for anywhere. The finished products create sparkly art pieces that are perfect pieces of decor.

Our Collection of Diamond Dotz Kits

At Wicked Stuff, our collection of diamond painting kits provides fun for all ages. From basic designs full of colours for kids, to extremely detailed displays for adults, shop our catalogue and find your next relaxing craft!

Diamond Dotz for Children

For younger fans out there, some of the designs we feature include loveable cartoon characters from franchises like Marvel, DC Comics, Scooby Doo, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, Winnie the Pooh, and many more.

There are also a variety of floral and animal designs to choose from ensuring that there is a theme for everyone.

Adult Collection

As you can imagine, an easy paint by number might get a bit boring. But, Diamond Dotz aren't only for people under the age of 10.

At Wicked Stuff, we have a variety of intricate designs for the more experienced crafters.

Some of these kits include sports logos, animal prints, famous paintings, and more complex versions of your favourite cartoon characters. Refine your crafty side with a Diamond Dotz kit and find more ways to unwind after a long day at work. You'll be blown away by the finished product.

Our Shipping Policy

When you place an order with us, we work efficiently to get your order shipped to you quickly which is why we ship orders within 24 hours of being placed. This allows us to get these stunning Diamond Dotz kits to you faster.

Where Do We Ship?
We ship kits, art supplies, and materials all across Canada, meaning there are more ways and more people who can shop with us and create beautiful Diamond Dotz crafts.

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