Ticket to Ride Board Game

With elaborately simple gameplay, Ticket to Ride can be mastered in just 15 minutes. Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure where players gather cards of different types of trains that allow them to claim railway routes connecting cities in various countries across the world. Set off on a one-of-a-kind adventure with the Ticket To Ride board game available at Wicked Stuff. All versions and expansions for a complete experience are here. 

There’s a great big world out there waiting for you. Can you claim the railway routes which connect the continent's numerous cities? Or will you be beaten by your opponents who will acquire the victory? Sometimes it's good to disconnect from the computer and connect with family and friends with this game.

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With card expansion packs available, high quality illustrations, and enough action for all your friends, it's no wonder the ticket to ride game has won numerous subsequent awards. Shop Our Ticket to Ride Board Games Today!

How Do I Play Ticket to Ride?

The basic premise of Ticket to Ride is to be the player who builds the longest continuous railway across the board, claims North American train routes, and collects more points than opponents. The game consists of a board map of North America, cards, wooden scoring markers, and train pieces. Throughout the game, you want to build a long route and connect distant cities across the map and fulfill destination tickets.

The Basic Game Play and Rules

At the start of every new game, each player is dealt four train car cards and three destination ticket cards that each have different big cities on them. These cities act as start and endpoints that the player is trying to strategically connect throughout the game. Players collect cards throughout the game that allow them to claim a route and lengthen their railway.

Taking a Turn

Players are also given 45 train pieces with the matching scoring marker that they will use to create their railway.

1. Draw two car railway cards.
2. Draw three more additional destination tickets card, choose at least one destination ticket, and discard the others.
3. Play one of their railway cards and claim railways.

Claim Railway Routes

Players are able to claim any route on the board that has not yet been played, whether it helps them connect their railway or not. However, players may not claim parallel routes between two adjacent cities.

Players are awarded points when they claim routes, so in some cases, claiming the route may be the better strategic move than choosing another option.

Ending the Game

A game is complete when one player is left with less than three train cars remaining in their pile. Other players involved are able to make one more move before the game ends and points are tallied.

Awarding Bonuses

Additional points are given to players who connect their destinations and the player with the longest continuous route.

Balancing Greed and Fear

The Ticket to Ride board game forces you to balance greed and fear. Do you focus on collecting more cards for your hand, or claiming a critical route before your opponents?

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