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During the COVID pandemic, many people took up hobbies that could keep them busy while they were stuck at home - from DIY projects, exercising, cooking, baking, embroidery, or puzzling. Another very popular hobby that many people took up during the pandemic was painting, specifically with figured'art painting by numbers kits

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Sitting down with a fresh paint by numbers canvas is a great way to not only unleash your creative side, but also unwind after a long day at work. Surprisingly, these kits are not just for experienced artists and painters, but can be perfect for the amateur crafter looking to pick up a new hobby.

What is Figured'art?

Figured'art painting, or paint by numbers is exactly what it sounds like - a canvas with number spaces and correlating numbered paint pots. Painters will go number by number and fill in the spaces on the pre printed numbered canvas with the right colour until the finished design has created an amazing image.

What's in the Kit?

Figured'art painting by numbers kits includes a high quality numbered canvas, numbered paint pots, and a paint brush. Develop your talents and get away from the stress of work-life with the art of painting by numbers.

Our Collection

At Wicked Stuff, we specialize in keeping a strong inventory of products for all hobby-lovers, including a collection of figured' art painting by numbers kits.

While kids might favour our Diamond painting catalogue, the more experienced artists with a bit higher skill level will appreciate our collection of intricate painting by numbers kits.

The intermediate rolled canvas kit, when painted fully, will come together and create a stunning image that can be framed and put up in your home or office.

With both landscapes and animal designs, experienced artists and painters will definitely be kept busy after you start your next figured'art design.

Build Your Art Skills

As the popular saying goes, "practice makes perfect." This same principle applies to developing an artistic talent, even painting by numbers. You'll be amazed at how your artistic skills improve after doing paint by numbers kits on a regular basis for several years. Soon, you'll be able to create your own paintings as you develop your talents as a painter.

Painting on a canvas will become easier and easier as you continue to use paint by numbers kits. Your self confidence as a painter will skyrocket as you learn the art of painting.

Get Your Paint By Numbers Kit Faster

At Wicked Stuff, we know that getting their paint by numbers kits on time is important to our customers. This is why we have implemented a 24 hour shipping policy, which means that we work efficiently to ship all orders within 24 hours of being placed.

Start Painting Today!

Get creative, boost your self confidence as an artist, and let painting by numbers unleash the artist within you while keeping your mind active. You'll be blown away at your results and want to frame all of your designs!

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