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These metal puzzles range from easy level 1 to hard level 6. Single-piece puzzles are suitable for adults and two or more-piece puzzles are suitable for children and adults. These metal puzzles are made of high quality metal for a smooth and weighted feel. Once completed, they can be put on display for everyone to admire!

Single-Piece Metal Puzzles

These single-piece brain teasers are beginner level difficulty and suitable for people older than 5 years of age as single pieces can pose a choking hazard for younglings. Single-piece puzzles may seem quick and easy, but they may stump you when you least expect it!

Two or More-Piece Metal Puzzles

Puzzles with two or more pieces range from level one to level 5 or level 6, depending on the difficulty level. They are suitable for all ages 5 and up, but mainly appeal to adults wanting a different challenge. These metal puzzles provide hours of entertainment and can easily be taken with you while travelling or camping too.

The Benefits of Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles and metal puzzles offer many benefits for any adult or kid alike. They require concentration and problem-solving skills and have been proven to improve short-term memory even in seniors with dementia, spark creativity, and boost productivity. It's a complete brain exercise that will also leave you feeling accomplished, satisfied, and happier as they can also decrease your stress levels, lower your blood pressure, and heart rate!0

If you need help choosing the perfect metal puzzle for you or your child, our customer service team can assist you.

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