Nintendo Plushies

Invite some iconic characters to your little one's bedroom: Super Mario All-Star Collection! These classic Nintendo characters from the famous video games are an excellent addition to the collection of any Super Mario fan. Super Mario is one of the best-selling and recognizable video game and media franchises worldwide, even now. 

Our Nintendo plushies come in very diverse sizes and shapes and represent several different characters from the series, from its adorable protagonists, like Luigi and Mario, the cat toad, to its iconic antagonists. Discover soft fabrics, anti-allergenic fabrics, and even cuddly toys suitable for all ages! With so many choices, any fan should be able to add to their cart a plushie that suits their budget and personal tastes.

It's safe to say that everyone has heard of Nintendo. With dozens of games in the franchise, there is a wide variety of characters available as plush toys. Collectors and children alike will love our vast collection of Nintendo plush toys that we have at Wicked Stuff. Browse through our catalogue and find a new plush toy to add to your collection today.

Super Mario Plushies

Nintendo plush toys are the perfect accessories for both young and old as brand awareness has withstood the test of time. Not only are they a nostalgic item for those who grew up on the Game Boy, Game Cube, and N64, but they are also current favourites for people using the Wii or Switch.

Whatever games they grew up playing, a customer is likely to have a character that they love to play as. We understand this, so we feature a wide variety of Nintendo characters in order to ensure that your favourite character is available in plush form.

Our collection includes some of the most beloved characters and items related to the franchise. As well, we feature some rarer characters like Baby Luigi, Birdo, Flying Squirrel Toad, Dry Bowser, Ludwig, Larry, Lemmy, Wiggler, and Baby Rosalina. Shop our collection and find a new plush toy to add to your collection.

Once you've collected all of the Nintendo plush toy characters, you can work on collecting all the other characters in our other video game plushie collections.

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Shipping is available within Canada wherever FedEx delivers, which allows us to make customers happy across the country with our collection of plush toys.

Shop through our entire catalogue of accessories and collectibles and place your order today!

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