How To Wash A Plush Blanket

How To Wash A Plush Blanket

When buying a new soft blanket with plush fabrics like fleece, you must consider how you will clean it. As with other types of bed linen, fleece blankets are likely to come into contact with body oils, hair products, and spills. You've come to the right place if you want to learn how to wash your fleece throw blanket properly. We will cover how this is done so you can enjoy your plush, soft, fuzzy blanket for many years to come.

Always Read The Label

First, check the small tag at the end of your bedding. It has the manufacturer's care instructions for washing the blanket. Those clothing care symbols are the dos and don'ts that must be practiced when washing it. Ensure you're following these instructions as it will help you keep your bedding in excellent condition for a long time.

Steps To Wash Fleece Blankets Properly

1. Pre-treat The Stains

A plush fleece blanket is made out of 100% polyester. Polyester fleece is a naturally stain-resistant blanket, but oil, grease, blood, and food stains can cling to the fabric.

Treat stains or soiled spots by applying just a small amount of mild dishwashing liquid directly onto the stain. Let the solution sit for 10 minutes, then gently blot the area with a paper towel to lift the stain. Remember not to rub the stain because this could worsen your problem or cause pilling.


2. Washing Your Soft Blankets

To keep your fleece soft, put it in the washing machine alone or with other fleece beddings. Washing fleece blankets with other fabrics can cause the blanket's fibers to clump together because of friction, thus damaging the soft fabrics and making the blanket feel less cozy. The fleece fibers can likewise become smashed or matted if washed with a heavy load.

When you have multiple blankets to clean, it is advised that you separate them by colour.

Use the correct amount of laundry detergent. Too much detergent doesn't make the blanket cleaner, but it'll only stick to the synthetic fibers and damage the fabric's softness, especially if the rinse cycle isn't thorough.

Avoid washing them with bleach and other harsh chemicals. Since bleach is highly-abrasive, it'll discolour and ruin the delicate fibers of your blanket. Even when you have a white one, bleach will still damage it. Also, refrain from fabric softeners as this can ruin fleece items treated with water-repellent finishes during manufacturing.

Using cold water to wash your fleece blanket is vital, as hot or warm water can cause your bedding to shrink, curl or reap. Make sure the washer is on a gentle or delicate cycle as the blankets tend to get matted otherwise. If the cycle is too strong, you might have knotted and tangled blankets at the end.

3. Drying Your Blanket

There are two ways you can dry your blanket. One is air-drying and the second is by using your dryer.

Air Dry

Drying your fleece blanket in the fresh air is necessary to remove and prevent having a mouldy and musty smell. Although letting it air dry is the safest and most recommended option because it gently restores the bedding to its original state, it's time-consuming.

Machine Dry

The faster option is tumble-drying the blanket. Tumble-drying with no heat or the air fluff option are the gentlest of all dryer settings. You can also opt for a tumble-dry-low (Delicate/Gentle cycle), where the dryer is on a low-heat setting. Never put the dryer on high heat; polyester melts easily as it is made from plastic and sensitive to heat.

Instead of fabric softeners, throw in a dryer sheet so that your blanket smells and feels good, and it will eliminate static as well.

Remove the blankets immediately after the cycle stops and fold them to prevent creases. If the blankets are too fluffy, spread them on a flat surface and press them down with your hands into their initial shape.

Steps To Hand Wash Your Plush Blankets

If you are worried that using your washing machine to clean your plush and fluffy blankets might ruin them, hand-washing is another way to wash blankets.

All you need is a big basin or bathtub that can take the blanket. Fill it up with cool water, enough to thoroughly submerge the blanket. Then, add some mild detergent. Place the blanket and press it down.

Let the blanket soak in the soapy water for 30 minutes. Then drain the basin and gently squeeze out the water from the blanket. Refill the basin/tub with cold water, press down the blanket, then squeeze out water again. Ensure the blanket is thoroughly rinsed and no excess detergent is left, then hang dry.

Learning the correct ways to wash plush blankets will allow you to enjoy those nights curled up in a cozy, soft blanket without worrying about what will happen when you wash it.

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