Weed Games: For People Who Never Get Stoned (Except When They Do)

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If you're searching for an exciting way to celebrate cannabis with your friends, why not get foolish and competitive with our weed game? Yes, that's right! You can combine a friendly match and Mary Jane. 

Weed Games for People Who Never Get Stoned (Except When They Do) is a compilation of 35 novelty party games for people who smoke and those who don't! Drinking games were old-fashioned. This game is up to the minute when you're in a different headspace. Activities are divided into six categories: 'You're talking too fast,' 'Quizzers,' Improv,' Way Better!' and 'How.' 

Are you feeling enlightened, drowsy, or asking yourself if dropping soap on the floor makes it clean or dirty - we have a game here to suit your mood!