Trial by Trolley

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Cyanide & Happiness started out as cartoons that were both funny and adorable. Now, it’s turned into a tabletop game that 3-13 players can enjoy together as they try to determine who the trolley murderer is!

How To Play:

Choose one of your friends to be the conductor and have the rest of the players break into two teams. Each track will require an “innocent card” that each team will play. You’ll also try to sabotage each other with “guilty cards”. The main point of the game is to sway the conductor to be on your side. Whichever side he decides against, that’s the track he’ll take and murder you.


  • 520 game cards
  • 200 innocent cards
  • 150 guilty cards
  • 175 modifier cards
  • 26 death tokens
  • Paper mat
  • Instructions


  • 14+