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Classic mysteries with a challenging twist. As winemakers, Harry Bloom and Ernie Field
were brilliant. As partners, they were a disaster. So different in body, mind and soul that
it was a miracle they could produce anything, much less the best cabernet in Napa Valley.
Their arguments were as full-bodied as their finest vintage while their hatred for each other
was fueled by their love for one woman - Field's wife, Darleen.

Read about the mystery fermenting at the BloomField winery: the sudden disappearance of
Ernie Field, the testimony of Wino Joe and the local sheriff's suspicions. Next, assemble the
1000-piece puzzle to discover the hidden clues. Let your nose filter out the red herrings and
solve "Foul Play & Cabernet." BEWARE!! The puzzle is different from the box cover.

Includes a 1000-piece puzzle and story booklet. Completed puzzle measures 23" x 29"