Exit: The Forbidden Castle

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An avid fan of Exit: The Game, get ready for another adventure! 

The long-awaited vacation is finally here! So, you decided to travel and see an idyllic village in the mountains via train. You will see several brochures at your vacation rental, one about this unusual castle. However, when you visit and enter the old castle, you suddenly discover that you are trapped by an unseen villain who has left clues and puzzles that could guide you to your escape if you are smart enough. 

If not, your mysterious host will likely never allow you to leave. 

The castle is full of mysteries and definitely worth playing for those who enjoy solving puzzles and cracking the brain out of the escape room.

Box Contains: 

  • 88 Cards: 33 Help Cards, 31 Answer Cards, 24 Riddle Cards
  • 1 Book
  • 1 Decoder Disk
  • 4 Strange Items
  • 1 English Rulebook

Age: 12+

Number of  Players:   1 - 4

Game Time:  60 - 120 min