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THEY Don't Know That WE Know That THEY Know...

True friends share a lot of things (except for food), but sometimes keeping secrets makes a relationship more fun! This time, though, the goal is to figure whether Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe or Joey is hiding a secret, what that secret is, and who is going to ultimately reveal it (probably Rachel - she's really good that). This officially licensed Clue Board Game - Friends Edition is perfect for playing with fellow Friends fans! Games come and go, but this one will be there for you. 

Items Included
  • Game Board
  • 6 Character Movers
  • 6 Personality Cards
  • 21 Rumor Cards
  • 25 Gossip Cards
  • 1 Pad Custom Clue Sheets
  • Envelope
  • 6 Secret Tokens
  • 2 Dice
  • Rules
Product Highlights
  • Clue game: Friends edition
  • 2-6 players
  • Ages 8+
  • Officially licensed