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No Catan player will ever say that life is monotonous, as new quests always exist in the middle of nowhere. Now you can colonize Catan and enjoy the variants and new scenarios as it clears roads to even more considerable wealth or painful deprivation for up to six players. 

Although some games rely exclusively on strategy and may pressure some, Settlers of Catan is the exact combination of strategy and luck, making it engaging to most individuals. What genuinely differentiates this game from the rest is that the distinctive structure of the gameboard leads to a different board whenever you play, which keeps the fun fresh and forces you to analyze your approach extensively in each game. 

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  • Includes 5 new scenarios and 4 variants
  • You can now play with 5 or 6 players!
  • Adds depth and complexity to your games of CATAN
  • This is an expansion. A copy of the following is required to play: CATAN, CATAN Traders & Barbarians expansion


  • 2 extra border pieces
  • 1 extra castle tile (back of fortress tile)
  • 2 extra quarry tiles
  • 2 extra glass hut tiles
  • 1 plastic brown tross wagon
  • 1 plastic green tross wagon
  • 18 trade good counters (6 for each destination tile)
  • 5 brown tross cards
  • 5 green tross cards
  • 12 extra development cards