Best Story Wins!

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Are you the friend who always has a story to tell to the group? Now, you can assess just how crazy your life is versus the lives of your friends! In Best Story Wins, players will have 150 prompt cards as a starting point to share their best and worst stories. The first player to win five cards wins the game. 

Get ready to be personal and amaze the group with the story of your weirdest haircut, the longest you've ever gone without sleep, and more! A great icebreaker that will get players giggling and knowing more about their friends. 

Sharing stories is always a perfect way to hang out, and with the 'Best Story Wins' game, the simple chit-chat is transformed into a competitive play.

Product Details:

  • Includes 150 Prompt Cards To Make You Share Your Best (And Worst) Stories From Every Occasion
  • The Juicier The Story The Better. Spare No Detail
  • The Group Votes On Whose Story Is Best
  • For 2+ players ages 17+
  • From the creators of Who's Most Likely To and You Laugh You Drink party games