Tell Me Without Telling Me Game

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  • There are 3 ways to “tell” what your card says in this hilarious game for adults: Show Don’t Tell, One Syllable, or Freestyle.
  • You will be rolling on the floor laughing at these cards, with categories that include people, traits, things, places, and “not safe for work”.
  • This new 18+ activity is the ultimate party game, whether it’s at a college dorm, happy hour, or a bachelorette party.
  • From Spin Master- a world of jigsaw puzzles and the best family board games for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Introducing Tell Me Without Telling Me, the viral trend now an adult party game! Prepare for laughs as you try to get your team to guess the word on the card without breaking 1 of 3 rules: (1) Show Don’t Tell - no words allowed, let your body do the talking (2) One Syllable: only words with a single syllable. This would work, but this *wouldn’t* work (3) Freestyle: Any words are fair game, just not what’s on the card. Whether it's a Person, Place, Trait, Thing, or NSFW, you’ll have to think quick about how to "tell" your team before the time runs out! This game is for teens and adults ages 18 and up, and we advise playing with family and coworkers at your own risk. Grab your favorite people and play #TellMeGame ASAP.

    • Includes: 400 Cards, 1 Custom Die, 1 Sand Timer

    Suggested Age: 18 Years and Up

    Type of Game: Party Games

    Playing Time: 15 Minutes

    Number of Players: 4 or More Players

    Includes: Cards, Instructions, Sand Timer, Dice

    Package type: Full Game

    Material: Paper, Plastic