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Add a little glimmer to your room with the Diamond Dotz Lovely Boy diamond facet art kit. Created for dog lovers that adore dogs immensely, this painting kit will offer hours of happiness and pleasure when completed. A lovely way to praise man's best friend. This diamond painting can be a fantastic gift for any dog lover friend. 

Diamond Dotz is a unique new craft where exquisite designs are made with tiny diamond-like facets. Quick and straightforward to do, the by-product is so visually breathtaking that it will make you want to do more! Or you may desire to frame it for everyone to see. 

Diamond Dotz is as entertaining, so why not share it with other people? Give the gift of Lovely Boy Diamond Dotz now!

Kit Contains:

  • Design Size:    12.6" x 16.5"
  • Fabric Size:     15.7" x 19.7"
  • High-quality colour-printed fabric
  • Diamond Dotz pre-sorted by shade
  • Diamond Dotz stylus, craft tray, and wax caddy
  • Complete instructions in EN, FR, ES, DE, TR, EL, PL, RU & AR