Harry Potter - Diamond Dotz

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When you lack the time required to do cross-stitching, but want to do something along those lines, Diamond Dotz is a newer craft that's similar but less complicated. Enjoy the art of diamond dotting and complete a vividly memorable image of your favourite wizard with this Harry Potter Diamond Dotz. On this canvas, you will create a glistening image of Harry Potter riding his broomstick during the Hogwarts Quidditch match. 

Picking up the gems and placing them onto the canvas is easy and relaxing. Gift this to any Harry Potter fan; they'll be genuinely thankful!


Kit contains:

  • 1 Hi-Quality Colour Printed DOTZ BOX
  • 1 DIAMOND DOTZ Stylus
  • 1 Craft Tray
  • 1 Wax Square
  • DIAMOND DOTZ pre-sorted by shade
  • Complete pictorial instructions