Cast Trinity

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The Cast Trinity puzzle from Hanayama is a unique and challenging 3-piece puzzle. Designed by Hong Kong designer Kyoo Wong, it is made of high-quality metal and is built to be difficult to solve. Each piece is intricately designed to interlock with the two other pieces to form a "Λ" (lambda) via an elusive, organic design.

Not only will you need to figure out how to connect the pieces, but you'll also need to figure out how to get them apart. Parts may appear stuck, making one think they are going the wrong way and creating a false sense of difficulty. Like other Hanayama puzzles, just find the right set of moves to match the bumps and etches.

With multiple solutions and numerous possible combinations, the Cast Trinity gives plenty of room to enjoy some puzzling experimentation and keep you busy for several hours as you work to figure out the best solution. This puzzle is perfect for any puzzle enthusiast looking for a challenge.