Blue Peacock - Diamond Dotz

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Create your own striking Blue Peacock image with this extraordinary technique of casting "diamond" like facets. This stunning bird captures the fantasy with his sharp eyes and array of blue feathers exuding across the background. 

A calming and easy-to-do craft, our Diamond Dotz kit produces a shining, shimmering effect. The Kit comes with everything you need to finish this incredible painting. Although it's a little time-consuming, the finished project will surely blow you away as it'll look like diamond embroidery. It's a great way to create a masterpiece. There's no learning period when using Diamond Dotz, so you begin the fun right away.

Now, all you need to do is purchase our Blue Peacock Diamond Dotz, and have fun!

Kit contains:

  • 1 pc High-Quality Colour Printed Fabric
  • DIAMOND DOTZ® pre-sorted by shade
  • 1 pc each DIAMOND DOTZ® Craft Tray, Stylus, Soft Grip & Wax
  • Complete Pictorial Instructions in EN, DE, FR, NL, IT, PL, RO, TR, EL, AR, ES, SE, DK, NO, RU

 Product Details 

  • Design Size: 23.6” X 33.1”
  • Fabric Size: 25.2” X 34.6”
  • Skill Level: ADVANCED